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In the Great Lakes State, there is an average of 125 deer/vehicle crashes each day. Reported deer/vehicle crashes in Michigan decreased in 2014 to 45,690,from the 49,205 crashes reported in 2013, many crashes also go unreported, so actual crash numbers are much higher.
In 2014, Oakland County had the most deer/vehicle crashes with 1,750 crashes. The remaining top nine were Kent (1,338), Jackson (1,279 ), Lapeer (1,153), Eaton (1,077), Sanilac (1,053), Clinton (1,015), Montcalm (968), Genesee (964) and Washtenaw (952).

All motorists should ‘think deer’ whenever they are behind the wheel, and drive defensively, as if a deer can appear at any moment, because they can!  

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Deer Crashes In Michigan
The Coalition
The Michigan Deer Crash Coalition (MDCC) was established in 1996. The mission of the MDCC is to mitigate both the frequency and severity of vehicle-deer crashes through public information, driver education, and applied research.

The Michigan Deer Crash Coalition unveils its new video, #don'tveerfordeer.  Click on picture below to watch the video.